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Your Meter is Read by Our Trusted Partner

To ensure efficiency and accuracy, we prefer that trained technicians from Millennium Account Services read your natural gas meter. However, there may be times when we are unable to read your meter (ie, weather, debris blocking the meter, etc). When we’re unable to read your bill, you will receive an estimated bill, which is calculated by past usage and weather conditions. If the estimated bill is inaccurate, any overcharge or undercharge will be adjusted on the following month’s bill.

Meter readings are scheduled and are usually once per month. To find out your meter reading date, please check your South Jersey Gas bill.

Millennium Account Services employees carry official ID cards and/or wear ID badges that display their photo, signature, name and the company logo.
Think safety and always ask for identification before allowing anyone to enter your property or home. If a meter reader cannot, or will not show ID, call the police immediately. If in doubt, please call us at 1.888.766.9900.

Prepare for a Successful Meter Reading:

  • Keep pets leashed or confined when Millennium Account Services meter readers visit your home.
  • Clear your meter of shrubbery, debris, snow, and ice.
  • Let us know if you plan to enclose your meter.
  • Ensure your address/house numbers are visible from the street or from 50 feet away.
  • If your address has changed, please call us at 1.888.766.9900.

Submit a Natural Gas Meter Reading

If a Millennium Account Services technician is unable to read your meter, you may receive an estimated bill. To avoid repeated estimated bills, you can enter your meter reading online or by calling the automated phone system at 1.888.766.9900 (option 2) or by completing the online form.

How to Submit Your Meter Reading

Dial Meters

If your meter has dials, read the dials from left to right. If a hand is between two numbers, record the lower number. For example, if the hand is between the numbers 1 and 2, record the number 1. The only exception is if a hand is between 9 and 0. In that case, record the number 9.

Digital Meters

Digital meters are read left to right.

Meter Tampering

If you believe your meter has been altered or damaged, call 1.1.800.658.TIPS (8477).

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