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Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

Looking for gift ideas? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, housewarming or other occasion, there are many options that are sure to please -- and eco-friendly.

Nature and wildlife experiences

New Jersey has over 50 protected areas designated as state parks, recreation areas, state forests and more, which offer a rich variety of outdoor and wildlife experiences. Not only will you be giving a special gift, but you’ll also be supporting organizations that are dedicated to conservation and nature. Check out:

Plants and flowers

Celebrate your occasion with an enduring symbol of beauty and growth – plants or flowers! Check out these ideas for giving a gift from the earth:

  • Replant a container tree in your yard – trees help save energy, remove pollution from the atmosphere, provide oxygen and benefit wildlife. Your local nursery offers many options.

  • Plant wildflowers that attract butterflies and bees and promote pollination – popular choices are alyssum, basil, butterfly bush, fennel, lavender, marigold, oregano, verbena and yarrow.

  • Bring home an air purifying plant for indoors – excellent plant choices include English ivy, pothos and snake plant; flowering plants include chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies and peace lilies.

Bonus tip:
Save paper and money by sending a free greeting card, electronically!
Find a variety of them at Blue Mountain, Punchbowl, 123 Greetings, and the World Wildlife Fund.


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