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Back to School Lessons in Energy Conservation

Back to School Lessons in Energy Conservation

It’s never too early to learn about energy – what it is, how it works, and how we should use it wisely. As millions of children prepare to head back to school, there’s no better time for a lesson in saving energy – at home and in the classroom.

Teach your kids about energy conservation with these fun and informative activities.

  • Learn the basics in energy, solar power, waterpower and more in this illustrative coloring book.
  • This Energy Conservation worksheet (pdf) is a fun activity that compares ways to save energy vs. ways to waste energy.
  • Take a quiz! This informative quiz from the Energy Kids will test your child’s energy knowledge.
  • Want to reduce the impact of your back-to-school shopping this year? Consider these energy efficient tips from The Department of Energy.
  • Ready for an even bigger challenge? Join fellow explorers to learn all about energy in this fun scavenger hunt.
Calling all teachers!

Schools in the SJG service area are eligible to participate in the EmPowered Schools program and can be eligible to participate in Sustainable Jersey for Schools program. 

This program directly engages students to promote energy literacy through lesson plans, hands-on activities, and competitions. Students can use the school building and their homes as learning labs to solve real-world problems and generate cultural change by making energy efficiency visible, important, and doable.

Discover how these EmPowered activities can be used to earn points toward Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification. 

Source: Department of Energy, Energy Kids, Energy Education Activities, Teach Engineering, and Sustainable Jersey Schools

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